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PangaeaPanga Productions LLC is the official and sole representative of Alex Tan and works diligently to advance his interests and agenda.

If you feel that you have a business opportunity that is worth pursuing, please understand that PangaeaPanga Productions LLC is an accredited member of the TANRC System of Trust in good standing, and has elected to enforce the requirement that all business partners are accredited members of the TANRC System of Trust in good standing. Your TANRC accreditation (and endorsement, if applicable) will be checked automatically before your opportunity is considered. Falsifying a TANRC Accreditation and/or Endorsement is a violation of TANRC Operating Standards and may subject that entity to sanctions imposed by TANRC, up to and including suspension and permanent revocation of accreditation without the right of appeal. For more information about TANRC Accreditation and Endorsement please visit To apply for a TANRC Accreditation and any necessary Endorsements, please visit

For EU Residents: By submitting this form, you are consenting to the PangaeaPanga Productions Privacy Policy and you further warrant that you are giving consent for the limited purpose of requesting a response from PangaeaPanga Productions. This consent can be withdrawn at any time, by using the Consent Revocation form, located at Please note that if consent is withdrawn in the future, any business opportunities considered by PangaeaPanga Productions under this request will no longer be considered, and if permission was granted, the permission will be withdrawn, as this information is needed by PangaeaPanga Productions to enforce its rights.

For all other jurisdictions, by submitting this form, you are consenting to the PangaeaPanga Productions Privacy Policy and the information you provide will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

PangaeaPanga Productions does not knowingly collect information from anyone who is 13 years old or younger. Only individuals who are over 13 years of age may submit this form. If PangaeaPanga Productions learns that information was submitted through this system by someone who is 13 years of age or younger, appropriate actions will be taken, including but not necessarily limited to referrals to TANRC for violations of Operating Standards or blocking the ability to access to PangaeaPanga Productions systems and streams.

This form cannot be submitted without logging in to TANRCNet. You will be prompted for your TANRCNet Credentials to validate your accreditation (and endorsement, if applicable) after you submit the form below. If you do not have valid TANRCNet Credentials, your form cannot be submitted. You can validate your current accreditation and endorsement status by logging into TANRCNet by visiting

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